Friday, 18 December 2015

Amber Rose Bum Boosting Exposed

She really doesn't need the help: Oddly enough, as Amber is a proud exhibitionist there has never been any indication that she would need extra help in the curves department

Amber Rose wearing a sported tight leggings revealed suspicious lines which indicates that she might be wearing some bum boosting pads. The 32 year old exhibitionist is known to possess enviable curves, but little did we know that she would still need extra help in the curves department. 
Who says Big Bum is not fashion? Laughing My Butts Pads Off !

Rear-ly going for it: Amber Rose sported tight leggings, which revealed suspicious lines indicating she was wearing some booty boosting pads, as she took her son Sebastian to a Los Angeles park on Wednesday

Wonderful assets: The 32-year-old has made quite the career out of dancing and modeling