Wednesday, 23 December 2015

OMG! Funny And Disgusting Names Of Foods

Somehow Marie biscuits have been translated to mean Finger Marie 

This packet of instant noodles seems to be from Korea and is called Soup for Sluts 

Poo sticks for tea? These appear to be crisps of some sort although it is hard to tell from the packaging 

These cans of hotly spiced pepper sauce might make you 'Shitto'

The 'taste and simple' Dick Stick is covered with sesame seeds 

Homo sausage

Cock Macaroni

Fagottini pasta: Typically filled with vegetables such as steamed carrots and green beans, this Italian product also contains ricotta cheese and onions

Finland's Megapussi Juusto Snacks are similar in smell and taste to Wotsits 

Romanian hot drink Urinal is made with cranberries and is said to offer 'natural protection'
At a Turkish party? Dip your crudites in tzatziki, muhammara or cemen 

Cans of Fanny brand fish may not be to everyone's liking 

Cock soup is actually Jamaican Chicken Noodle Soup 

The amusingly named Pee Cola is a product of Ghana and is bottled in the capital city of Accra

Slake your thirst with a Greek Vergina beer