Friday, 25 December 2015

Plumbers Caught Red Handed On Camera While Home Owner Was Watching.

The pair worked for Rapid Support Services but were later fired over the incident, it was reported

Two plumbers were caught on camera searching through a homeowner's possessions after being called in to fix a leak.
The two men were seen looking through items in the drawers and laughing during the visit to the home. However, it ends badly for the two tradesmen, when the homeowner returns and tells them he has been watching it all on a hidden camera.

Throughout the video, the two are filmed on their hands and knees beside a camera in the living room of the flat. They also pull out a large boxing, exclaiming: 'A little treasure box. There you go lad What's in here?'

Shockingly, the pair were left red-faced when the flat owner, 30, returned and revealed to them he had seen everything.
He said: 'They were apologetic. It's unbelievable, you don't expect your belongings to be taken out and looked at by workmen in your home.'

The pair lost their job because they left professionalism and mannerism at home as they couldn’t keep their hands on the leaked pipes rather than rifling through client’s possessions.

Opening a box found in the living room, one of them declared: 'A little treasure box... What's in here?'