Friday, 25 December 2015

Sand Dogs Sculptor Clears Doubt About The Making.( Pics)

Start of the day: MailOnline watched one street sculptor as he started work to create a 'sand dog' 

Sculptured dogs like this have been spotted all over Britain, but there were concerns that the dogs were already made before hand or moulded while the artist sit all day outside shops to collect money.
If you belong to the doubting Thomas group, here are pictures of how the dogs are being created by piling sand over water bottle.

Preparation: Sculptor Robert Marian laid out a purple rug on High Street Kensington in London today 

Next step: He adds water, which makes it easier to mould the sand into the shape of an animal

Nealy there: The body of the animal is now in place and Mr Marian begins on its head and the finer details 

Close-up: The dog's features - including its eyes, ears and nose - are beginning to form 

Finished: The finishing touches - including fake eyes - are added to the sand dog before people begin to leave the artist money