Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Transgender Couple Born Of Opposite Sex Are Planning For Kids Using His Eggs and Her Sperm

Looking ahead: The two are considering having full reassignment surgery and plan to get married in the future

Jasmine Merino and boyfriend Ryan Said have found love despite both of them being born the opposite gender. The transgender couple are in love have plans to have kids together using each other’s sperm and eggs.
Jasmine born as a male started transforming two years ago and Ryan born as a female has been living as a man for four years. Despite both not undergoing gender reassignment surgery, they claim their sex life is great.

The transgender couple said they faced many challenges but have found happiness in each other. Jasmin said: “I like the fact that Ryan is transgender too because when I’m going through a rough time he understands me.”

Helping hand: Jasmine found support in her brother's wife, whom she turned to as a confidant. 'She told me to be who I want to be and not care what people say,' Jasmine, pictured in September, explained

Reassuring: 'Ryan sometimes gets upset but I try to make him feel more like a man and try to tell him he's just like any other guy and I like making him happy,' Jasmine explained

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