Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Transgender Model Seeking Surrogate Mum and Egg Donor Launches £100K Campaign To Raise Funds.

Fay Purdham and fiance Christopher Dodd

Fay Purdham  and fianc√© Christopher Dodd are searching for a surrogate mother and egg donor and they need to raise the £100,000 to make their dream a reality.They won't be exchanging presents, all they want is a baby.
 Fay who is transgender hopes to be the biological father and adoptive mother of a child and has launched a campaign to find a surrogate mother and egg donor.
Fay said: "I'm a woman and I am a future mum. I can't tell you how much Christopher and I both desperately want to become parents.
“The best Christmas present would be if we found someone amazing who could share this journey with us."

The couple are saving any spare cash they have to increase their chances of becoming parents. Fay, a model, has launched a Go Fund Me campaign to raise the £100,000 so that she can make her dream come true.
Fay Purdham and Christopher Dodd
"At the moment I feel like my best option is to find a surrogate in America where they are far more professional. It will cost £100,000 to pay for a surrogate to provide me with eggs and carry the child,” she says.

Fay, 27, from Newcastle was born Kevin McCamley. However she has always known she wants to be a mum. “I told my mum I wanted to be a mother when I was six, even before I told her I wanted to be a girl,” says Fay. Aged 16 she froze her sperm before transitioning.

Despite no sign of hope at the moment, she refuses to loose hope : “When we're walking down the street and I see little boys and girls I just have to think one day we will have that too.”

"We would love to have a baby by next Christmas. Christopher and I are holding off on the wedding because our priority is to make our family happen.