Saturday, 26 December 2015

Turkish President Stops His Motorcade To Talk Down Man Trying To Jump Off Bridge

The bodyguards could be seen cautiously approaching the man as he leaned out from the railing of the huge bridge, which connects Europe to Asia

The Turkish president succeeded in persuading and preventing a man from committing suicide on Christmas day after been sighted at the edge of a bridge. The unnamed man was thought to be preparing to jump when Recep Erdogan’s motorcade was passing over the bridge which links Asia with Europe.

The Turkish president appeared to prevent a suicide on Christmas Day after he was filmed persuading a man to get back from the edge of a bridge. Above, one bodyguard encouraged the man to climb over the railing

Police had allegedly been trying for almost two hours to talk him out of committing suicide, He was said to have abandoned his car on the bridge and climbed over the side railing due to long standing depression. Erdogan’s body guards brought the man to talk to the president through the window of his car.

Two bodyguards escort the man, who was dressed in jeans and a simple hoody, to an official vehicle

Recep Erdogan's bodyguards brought the sobbing man, who appeared to be in his early 30s, to talk to the President through the window of his car