Tuesday, 29 December 2015

What Country Does ISIS Fear Most ? Answer May Surprise You.

ISIS militants only truly fear one of the nations that opposes it, according to a journalist who spent time living among them.
Although Russia, France, the UK, the US and a host of other nations are pounding the militants from the air and covertly on the ground with elite soldiers, Islamic State fighters told Jürgen Todenhöfer, 75, that Israel is the one nation they are wary of.

Mr Todenhöfer, who spent 10 days in Syria in 2014, told Jewish News: "They think they can defeat US and UK ground troops, who they say they have no experience in city guerrilla or terrorist strategies.

"But they know the Israelis are very tough as far as fighting against guerrillas and terrorists.
"They are not scared of the British and the Americans, they are scared of the Israelis and told me the Israeli army is the real danger."