Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Woman Raped And Filmed By Neighbour On His Mobile Phone Tells Her Story

Jessica McDonald, 22, who has spoken out about the horrific moment she woke to find her neighbour raping her - while filming the sickening assault on his mobile phone

A woman has spoken about the terrifying moment she woke to find her neighbour raping her while recording the evil act on his mobile phone .
Jessica McDonald, 22, had gone to her friend Glen Mills' house for a drink and a catch up but she fell asleep on a sofa bed.
When she opened her eyes she realized she was completely naked and the 31-year-old was on top of her.
Mills used the flash on his phone to take videos and pictures of the horrific attack while she was asleep.

 Jessica, who is also a single mum from Newcastle, said she screamed for Mills to get off her and tried to push him away but he ignored her pleas.

Jessica McDonald, 22, who has spoken out about the horrific moment she woke to find her neighbour raping her - while filming the sickening assault on his mobile phone

It wasn't until the assault was over that Jessica found the strength to get up and run back to her home next door.
She collapsed on her living room rug and broke down in tears before contacting the police .
Jessica said: "What has happened has affected me massively, but I am really glad I went to the police and got justice.
"I want to warn other girls to be on guard. This kind of thing can happen to anyone. Going to the police can be scary, and I know victims might worry they will not be believed.
"The police do take attacks like these very seriously. Now Glen has been jailed I feel like I can in some way move on."

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She added: "When I woke up I was fully naked and my clothes were down to the left hand side of me.
"I was aware of what was happening but I couldn't do anything about it.
"I kept moving and told him to stop but he still kept going.
"I was in shock but I knew I had to get him off me. I couldn't as he was bigger than me and stronger than me.

"Afterwards he was sitting there as if nothing had happened.
"I felt horrible, it made me feel vile."
When she got home, Jessica contacted the police and officers arrived to arrest Mills.
Jessica said: "I remembered seeing a flash on his phone so I told the police to take his phone as I thought there may have been some pictures on it.
"The police told me he had taken three videos, I felt absolutely sick.
"I was asleep during the videos. What was he going to do with it!"
Mills initially denied two charges of rape but changed his pleas to guilty on the day of the trial after being told about the video evidence.
Gavin Doig, defending, said Mills is of positive previous character and finds his behaviour that night "inexplicable".

Recorder Nicholas Lumley QC told Mills: "You knew what state she was in and chose to violate her, disregard her wishes, or even inquire what they might me.
"You abused her body for your own selfish means.
"You recorded your abuse of her."
Mills was sentenced to six years imprisonment and ordered to sign the sex offenders register for life.
She said: "I hate him for what he has done.
"I still remember it like it was yesterday.
"He was in a relationship so I never expected him to be like that.
"Now I can't go anywhere near men because I don't trust them.
"I am concentrating on Finlay and being the best mum I can be.

"I am glad Glen is in prison now and cannot hurt anybody else. I am looking forward to a fresh start in 2016."