Thursday, 31 December 2015

You Can Now Stimulate Your Baby In The Womb By Playing Baby Some Music Through Your Vagina (Babypod)

The Babypod enables mum and baby to bond by listening to the same music

A new gadget called a Babypod, has a pink round ball on one end containing an in-built speaker which is inserted like a tampon enables mums-to-be to play music to their unborn children – through their vagina.

Pregnant women can treat the foetus to their favourite tunes by hooking up the pod, which costs £90, to their smartphone or mp3 player.
The contraption, designed by the Institut Marquez fertility clinic in Barcelona, also features a headphone jack enabling mum and baby to listen at the same time.

Playing music to a foetus helps stimulate its brain before birth

Researchers tested out the Babypod on hundreds of pregnant women last year. They looked at how the reaction of the foetus differed when it was played music through the belly and internally via the vagina.
The babies who were serenaded through the vagina opened their mouths and stuck out their tongues while the melodies played, but stopped when the tunes finished.

Meanwhile those who were played the music from outside the mother's body didn't respond at all.