Monday, 25 January 2016

10 Celebrities Who Don't Fancy Underwear

Jeniffer Lopez

She has one of the curvaceous booties in Hollywood.


The pop diva has been ‘caught’ on numerous occasions rocking no underwear. She spends more time without pants on than any other celeb.

Kim Kardashian

The most likely person to never wear underwear is Kim Kardashian. Look closely and you will see she is wearing no undies. Do you think that a woman who came into lime light via a home-made adult tape would be shy to reveal her wares now?


 Shame ? Hell No...  She got none. The American reality TV star doesn’t even attempt to hide the fact she doesn’t wear pants.

"A Haunted House 2" - Los Angeles Premiere
Maitland Ward

She feels no shame in revealing to the world that she wears no panties. Ward is trying to gain notoriety, and what better and quicker way is there for an actress?  

Sharon Stone

She should know better than to bare all. Leave the no undies to the young ones. At her age..No..No.

Lil Kim

From her lyrics one would expect her to go without underwear. So doesn't come with a surprise.

Lady Gaga

She is known for her fashion sense, If she is not on the list then list is not complete. She reveals all.

Looks chilly: Her first presenting 'dress' covered up a similar amount to her entrance outfit
Miley Cyrus

Is it a surprise that this wild child goes out without wearing pants? Nope ! She leads the panty free way.

Jaimie Alexander
Jaimie Alexander

She loves it that way…Free panty way and she ain't afraid to show it.