Monday, 18 January 2016

Fire Brigade Rescue Italian Woman Who Lost Keys To Her Chastity Belt

An Italian woman had to call in the fire brigade when she locked herself into a chastity belt. The middle-aged woman from Padua, Italy, was forced to beg for help when she lost the keys to the device. 
Fire crews at first thought she had lost the keys to her house and began asking where she lived. It was only when she pulled up her jumper to reveal the belt that they understood her embarrassing predicament.

The woman, who cannot be named under Italian privacy law, told the firemen: 'I've lost the keys and can no longer open it.' Fire crews asked if she had been forced to wear the belt by someone else or if she was a victim of domestic violence. But she told them she had simply worn it to stop herself getting into a sexual relationship.

Chastity belts were  historically used to stop the wearer from having sex or to protect them from rape. It is believed they were first used during the Crusades when knights leaving for the Holy Lands asked their wives to wear them to stop them straying.