Thursday, 14 January 2016

How Long Can You Wait To Sleep With Your New Partner Or Say I Love You?

Dating, How Long Will You  Wait To Sleep With Your New Partner
A survey has revealed how long British people are prepared to wait before sleeping with a partner or saying I love you. This was carried out by a dating service, Match. "How long would you wait before sleeping with your partner" ?

One in four adults (25 per cent) are prepared to wait at least two months to sleep with a new partner , according to new research. One in 10 will wait at least six months (10 per cent) with one per cent even willing to wait TWO YEARS or more before finally sleeping together. But more than one in five (21 per cent) won't wait longer than a week. The survey of 2,000 men and women, for dating service Match , also shows that Brits wait an average of five months before saying 'I love you' to their partner - just two weeks before their first row. While they love to kiss their dates straight away.

Dating, How Long Will You  Wait To Sleep With Your New Partner

And although they're quick to move in for a snog, just over a quarter of people (27 per cent) wait between one and two weeks to sleep with their partner. The research shows the average British couple gets engaged after two years and 13 days - and marries after three years and 95 days. The six-month mark seems to be the make or break time in a relationship, with three major milestones taking place around then. This is the point when couples drop their guards and reveal their imperfections to each other, have their first argument and meet each other’s parents.

The survey looked at 2,000 men and women to uncover the biggest relationship highs and lows.
Surprisingly, Brits are much quicker to kiss new partners than hold hands - and only a third would undress in front of their partner with the lights on within the first month of dating.
Around the time they say “I love you”, smitten couples also take to social media to declare their commitment to the world.

Dating, How Long Will You  Wait To Sleep With Your New Partner

They also feel safe enough, after about six months, to leave their toothbrush at a partner’s house - and 40 per cent would even start expecting their own drawer for clothes at around that time.
And the six-month milestone brings a tougher test - it’s when daters feel safe splashing out on a night away together.

But six months isn’t enough to commit to a holiday – most couples prefer to wait 10 months before jetting off together. A third of Brits are keen to settle down quickly and will have their first conversation about the long-term future within a year of meeting.

Babies start appearing just a year after marriage - four years since the couple started dating.
But under-25s don't need to worry about finding a soulmate as the research found that 27 is the average age daters find 'The One'. Men tend to wait until they are 28 to settle down, while women pick them a bit earlier, at 25.

I somehow disagree with some data from the statistics.  However, survey result will differ from one nationality to the other considering personal factors and religious grounds especially in the African setting where most claim they can't sleep with a new partner till after wedding.