Thursday, 21 January 2016

Indian Tycoon Who Crushed His Security Guard With His Hummer For Being Too Slow In Opening Gate Is Jailed For Life

Mohammed Nisham has been sentenced to life in prison and to pay an eight million rupees (£83,000) fine

Indian multi-millionaire, Mohammed Nisham  has been sentenced to life in jail for murder after he rammed his Hummer into a security guard for being slow in opening a gate. Mohammed Nisham chased the guard with his SUV inside apartment complex in Kerala, south India, pinned him against a wall before getting out of the car and beating the man with an iron rod.

His victim K Chandrabose, 50, died a few days after the incident, which took place in January last year, after suffering severe internal bleeding and crush injuries. 'The court awarded life sentence for the murder and 24 years in jail for other offences,' the public prosecutor involved in the case, C.P Udayabhanu said.

'He is a repeat offender and we are satisfied with the judgement. Nisham, 39, was also fined eight million rupees (£83,000), half of which he must donate to the victim's family. Nisham made his fortune from beedis, the hugely popular hand-rolled Indian cigarette packed with tobacco leaves, and also owns hotel and jewellery businesses in the Middle East.

Guilty: Mohammed Nisham, 39, pinned the guard against a wall with his SUV for 'being too slow to open the gates' and beat him with an iron rod

He is the proud owner of at least 18 high-end cars worth an estimated $4m (£2.6m), including a Bentley and a Lamborghini. In the past he has been accused of beating up a man who 'stole' his parking spot, as well as locking a female police officer in his Rolls Royce for having 'stopped and questioned him'.  In 2013, he was charged with allowing his son to drive his Ferrari F430, and was caught because he filmed the child behind the wheel and sharing it on social media.

According to Daily Mail,This is not the first time his name has appeared in a criminal case, but until now, prosecutors have cited lack of evidence against him or simply ordered him to pay fines. Nisham has been named in 16 criminal cases - including for rape and attempted murder - CatchNews reports.

Reckless: Nisham has had several police cases filed against him, including one for allowing his nine-year-old son (above) to drive a Ferrari on a public road in 2013 which he filmed and posted on YouTube

He let his nine-year-old son take the wheel of the £127,000 supercar on his birthday - with nobody else in the vehicle except for his six-year-old brother. The boy drove it for several hundred metres along a road - all filmed by his proud family, who then uploaded the footage to YouTube.

Kerala Police registered a case against Nisham for uploading a video of an illegal act, sending out a wrong message to the world and allowing a child to drive a vehicle.  WATCH VIDEO