Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Kim Kardashian Fan Spends £7,000 On Surgery Transfering Fat From Her Body To Her Derriere

Marlene and her new bum
Marlene With Her New Bum Bum

Marlene Chinea, 36, from Miami Beach, Florida, underwent a Brazilian Butt lift - where doctors injected four pounds of fat into her bum to make it bigger.  The £7,000 bum lift is to make her behind more bootilicious like Kim Kardashian.
 Marlene, a nurse, claims that no matter how much exercise she did, she could never get the results she wanted. She decided surgery was the only option after years of attempting to boost her behind naturally with no results.
 She claims she was working out for several hours, five to six times a week and doing over 300 squats or lunges a day.

Marlene also had a boob job in 2012
Marlene  Had Boob Job 2012.

Marlene said: "I was so excited with my new body that I was sure to buy outfits that Kim K would wear. With a bum to match, she bought tightly fitted body cons and pencil skirts to match her idol.
Apart from the butt lift, Marlene also had a boob job in 2012. Now happy with her body she says she doesn't plan to have any more surgery.

She said: "People are curious and want to know everything about my journey. Overall life is good and I am happy.  I've also received plenty of attention from both sexes not just guys either.

Kim Kardashian (left) and Michelle (right)
Kim K  (Left) and  Marlene ( Right)

"Many people in today's society still ridicule plastic surgery, but I can attest that some results can never be achieved with diet and exercise alone." The procedure was carried out by one of Florida's most sought-after plastic surgeons Michael Salzhauer, 43, better known as Dr Miami.

According to him, the demand for bubble butts is ever-growing due to the rise of celebrities such as Beyonce, J-Lo and Kim Kardashian who are all famed for having big bottoms.

Marlene gained 20 pounds in order to have the operation
She gained 20 Pounds in order to have the surgery

Four pounds of fat were injected to her bum
Four pounds of fat was injected into her back side

The doctor, who claims to have performed thousands of Brazilian Butt lifts, said: "The only way to get that if you're not born with it is to take the fat from the areas where you don't want it, put it in the areas that you do and really shape your body."

The nurse says she's happy with her body now
Marlene says she's  happy with her body

Photo Credit: Caters News Agency