Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Latest Trend On Instagram. Women Flaunting Armpit Hair.Attractive or Disgusting?

The latest trend as seen on Instagram - women showing off their armpit hair. Females refusing to shave their underarm hair seems to have unnerved some, as perhaps unsurprisingly the movement has divided opinion.
But the popularity of Instagram accounts like Armpit Museum shows women are taking their physical appearance into their own hands. Armpit Museum is one popular account amassing followers, just like hashtags armpitgirl and armpitfetish.

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An account by the name PitAngels started four months ago and has racked up 5,000 followers, while Lady Pit Hair has a similar number. Although there are some critics, the popularity of the accounts shows that there are some who are changing the way beauty is perceived.

Although one commenter, billy_hh call it "disgusting", many comments call the girls 'beautiful', 'cute' and sexy'. Mikecolor1973 said: "Beautiful girl, beautiful armpits."
When one commenter mapcab told Lady Pit Hair that not shaving was "unattractive and has no benefits", the site's author responded: "just because you're personal choices are based on what your culture tells you to do doesn't mean ours have to be.

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"We don't shave because we DO find it attractive. your opinion is not fact, and frankly we don't give a single f***." Another poster, megaloof2, also clarified a point: "Of course it serves a purpose, the whole point of hair is reducing chaffing in areas where skin will rub and temperature regulation. Not only is your statement ignorant, it's incorrect too."

Image result for images of women with armpit hair

I can't find myself keeping armpit hair, neither will I find someone with armpit hair attractive male or female. But each to their own. This must be the effect of body acceptance teaching going beyond limits... I thought not. 
Not for me ! What do you reckon? Share your views.