Saturday, 30 January 2016

Lesbian PE Teacher Who Groomed Two Teenage Girls And Had Sex In School Store Room Jailed For 18 Months.

Sandrine Brown groomed two teenage schoolgirls and even had sex with one of them in a school store room. Yet she was today jailed for just 18 months

PE teacher, Sandrine Brown, 31 who groomed two teenage schoolgirls and even had sex with one of them in a school store room has been jailed for just 18 months. Sandrine got close to the first pupil when she was only 13-years-old in May 2008.

According to reports on daily mail, The teacher, who was head of girls PE, then started talking to the teen online before swapping numbers. A court heard they started a sexual relationship when the schoolgirl was just 14 after becoming close during the summer holidays.

The youngster regularly slept over at Brown's flat in Stoke, Coventry, and engaged in sexual activity with her in her car. They even had a sexual liaison in a school store room.
Brown then made contact with the girl's friend, starting a relationship with her in January 2010. The girl was only 16. The jury were told how she then spent time with both girls, who can't be named for legal reasons, in a hotel room in February 2010.

Brown admitted one charge of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity while in a position of trust as a teacher. She also pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual activity with a child, again while in a position of trust. She showed no emotion as she was jailed for only 18 months at Warwick Crown Court today.

Brown started a relationship with the second female pupil in January 2010 when she was aged 16

Prosecutor Graeme Simpson told the court she was 11 years older than the first victim and ten years older than the second girl at the time. He said: 'The first victim says she first started to talk to the defendant when she was 13.

'It seems the defendant befriended her on that trip. She developed feelings for the defendant during the trip. 'That friendship continued and developed starting with chats on MSN with the defendant asking if she would like to meet up outside school.

'They exchanged mobile numbers and arranged to meet. They spent the evening at her flat together and they kissed. 'The defendant asked if she wanted to be her girlfriend and she agreed. 'During the school summer holidays she turned 14 and spent more time during the day at the defendant's flat and it was at that time sexual activity occurred beyond kissing. 'She began to spend the night at the flat telling her parents she was going to stay at a friend's.

'There were times they would meet to walk dogs and would engage in sexual activity in the defendant's car. 'That included kissing, oral sex and digital penetration. 'There were occasions when sexual activity would take place in the PE department store room.' The court heard Brown then met the second teenager, who was a friend of the first victim, when both girls came to her flat together.

Mr Simpson added: 'She started visiting the defendant's flat with her friend but after she turned 16 in November 2009 she started visiting alone. 'Both victims began spending time with the defendant in her hotel room [in February 2010].

'In the second victim's case, the sexual activity involved kissing, oral sex and digital penetration.