Thursday, 21 January 2016

Man Who Can Cook Sausage and Light Bulbs With Bare Hands

Biba Lights Bulb With Bare Hands

Serbian superman, Biba Struja  stunned the audience of a live TV show after cooking a fry-up using electricity conducted by his own body. Biba claims he developed magical abilities after an accident exposed him to a high voltage power source. Since then, he has been able to charge himself, store electricity and release it

Biba Cooking A Fry Up

Scientists were left so baffled by Biba’s extraordinary power that he was invited on live TV to show it off. Appearing as a guest on Romanian TV show ‘Acces Direct’, Biba demonstrated lighting a bulb just by using electricity from his body.

When interviewed about his electrical abilities, Biba told TV host Simona Gherghe: “Science has no answer about this. “When I grab an electric wire, I don’t feel anything. I can decide how much electricity my body receives and stores.”

Panelist Stunned

After this first trick, he whipped up a fry-up of egg and sausage, heating the food in seconds. A guest on the show, Romanian singer Viorica din Clejani, even commented that the food “smelled delicious”.