Saturday, 23 January 2016

Meet "The Can Head Man", Anything Sticks To His Head Due To Rare Skin Condition.

Can Head

Jamie Keeton is cashing in on his bizarre rare skin condition which enables him to stick almost anything to his head. He goes by the name of 'Can Head', has a strange disorder which makes the pores on his skin act like suction cups.

His unusual skill which he discovered at the age of seven when toys started "sticking to him" has since taken him all over the world. He recently showcased his talent on the Ellen DeGeneres show and set the Guinness World Record for 'Most cans stuck by suction to one’s head' in Beijing.

Can Head

In order to win the coveted title Jamie stuck eight cans on his head for 10 seconds, explaining it "blew a lot of minds in China". He said: "My interpreter was stopped three times by the police, because I was walking around with cans on my head.

"Also I was in shorts and t-shirt even though it was like nine degrees out." His ability also makes him a hit with the ladies if his Instagram account is anything to go by.
Jamie, 47, doesn't stop at cans, however. The strength of the suction is so strong he can even hold a bottle of Bacardi on the side of his head and pour it into people's mouths without it falling off.

Can Head

Jamie, from Illinois, told Mail Online: "My doctor explained to me that my skin pores act like suction cups, so things stick to me. "My body heat is also hotter than normal, which makes the suction stronger."

According to Jamie's doctor he is the only person in the United States which such suction capability. The savvy businessman claims to make $8,000 (£5,580) in a weekend from his incredible skill.

The income, which comes from brands paying Jamie to stick their products to his head, has enabled him to quit his day job as a graphic designer. He explained: ""People are like, 'That's retarded', but now I'm paid to do it. "How retarded is that?"

Source: Sun