Thursday, 28 January 2016

Morbidly Obese Woman Reveals How Her Weight Is Destroying Relationship With Her Lesbian Partner

Hard to handle: June says her life is a nightmare because she is always in pain - even when she is just sitting up Demanding woman: June can be seen telling Sadi (pictured) that she wants extra cheese, extra meat, and extra sour cream on her Taco bell order
June pictured (Left)  and her partner Sadi ( Right)

A morbidly obese woman who weighs nearly 600lbs and eats fast-food at least once a day says she has become a 'burden' do her life partner. June McCamey, 44, from League City, Texas, reveals that she relies on her partner Sadi Gregory to do everything physical for her - including bathing her.

Sadi says that when she first met June, she was attracted to her confidence and the fact that she 'liked to get out'. However, Sadi says June's weight now 'restricts her from doing a lot'. 'Maybe a year in I started getting concerned because things [were] changing,' Sadi explained. 'She is totally dependent on me.' 

June lies in her hospital bed and speaks to a consultant before her gastric bypass

June sometimes yells for Sadi to come into her bedroom because she is hungry. When Sadi suggests tacos, June insists that she wants nachos and burritos with extra beef, extra cheese, and extra sour cream. On her way to Taco Bell, Sadi admits that she gets her partner fast-food sometimes two or even three times a day. 

'When we first got together, I was much more mobile,' June says, But 'Now I feel like she is taking care of me like I'm a kid.'  'I am conflicted about buying us food,' she explains. 'I give in because I don't want a fuss. The relationship changed to like a caretaker. That's not what I signed up for.'

Partner to caretaker: June says it is 'embarrassing' that she has to rely on Sadi to bathe her (pictured)

June, who admits their relationship has 'become a burden to Sadi', she struggles to fight her addiction to food. When Sadi comes home and there is a part of her order missing, June accuses her of not following the list she gave her. 'Did you look at the paper?' she asks, 'You couldn't of.' 

Terrible loss: June says her weight spiraled out of control after the death of her son four years ago 

Sadi, who insists that she followed the list, tells her partner: 'That's what you get for your long orders.' June then calls Taco Bell to tell her that her order was missing an item. 

'She's like an addict. Her fix is food,' Sadi explains. June weighed 400lbs about her four pregnancies because she never lost any of the baby weight, however, her addiction to food spiraled out of control after the death of her son four years ago. 

Confined to her home: 'I have three seats: my bed, the bathroom toilet, and my chair,' she says 

'If my son saw me right now, it would hurt him,' she admits. June explains that she feels like she is 'living in a nightmare' 'I feel imprisoned in my body. I'm in pain. It hurts to sit up. I'm breathing heavy, chest is pounding. I'm worried my heart will give out,' she says. 

'I feel like at any moment of me standing up my knees are going to give up,' she adds. 'The weight is too much. I don't know how much more weight I can actually put on my knees. I don't think they are going to last.'

June struggles to get out of bed and go to the bathroom, where it takes her two or three tries to lift her legs into the tub. Once she is sitting down on the edge of the bathtub, Sadi comes in to wash scrub her back.  'To have someone bathe me is so embarrassing,' June admits. 

To much weight: June says it feels like she has a toddler on each leg when she tries to walk around her house 

Sadi explains that the real June is not the person that you see on the outside. 'It is like the real her is a prisoner inside the body she is in,' she adds. June says when she walks it feels like she is 'carrying a toddler on each' leg. Her lack of mobility has left her confined to three areas in her home.   

'I have three seats: my bed, the bathroom toilet, and my chair,' she said. 'My world is confined. I feel suffocated in in it. I feel like I am going from a bed coffin to a chair coffin.'