Tuesday, 12 January 2016

O.M.G ! U.S Based Iranian Woman Earns A Living By Taking Pics Of Men's Penises

The Iranian born, New York resident, explained that the idea came to her after she and her friends had been talking about 'dictures' they'd received, when she thought 'what if I took them with a professional camera'

Iranian woman, Soraya Doolbaz  has discovered a way to turn pictures of men's penises into art by dressing their genitals in outfits and taking photographs. She started taking d**k pictures two years ago, now, she's a professional photographer, exhibiting her work at international art fairs.
The Iranian, who now lives in New York, told the New York Post how she got into the unique profession: "Back when I was single, I would get a tonne of d**k pics. "My friends would get them and we would show them to each other. “Some d**k pics were better than the others and I thought, what if I took them with a professional camera.”


The idea to dress up men’s penises in outfits, to make them look less rude and more like art, struck Soraya while she was shopping. “I was walking through Walmart and I saw a couple of dolls,” she explained. “I put two and two together and thought I could create a personality out of penises. So I started collecting costumes.”
She now has a wide selection of costumes, including an army uniform, a Hawaiian shirt with a wig and a casual dressing gown. Initially, the ‘dicture’ photographer only mentioned the idea to her friends but soon interest and popularity grew.

Over the years, Soraya has built up a large collection of costumes, inlcuding this rather more chilled dressing gown ensemble

“I would talk about it with girl friends and then slowly people came forward and said 'you need to shoot my boyfriend'". "I would make arrangements with women and they would bring their partners forward and obviously the girl would fluff and I'd stand on a chair and take a lot of d**k pics."

Michael Lewis, one of Soraya’s models, explained why he wanted to take part: “I just wanted to have a second where I could feel desirable". While, Isaac Wolfe, who models with the aid of his fluffer, Ria Yoshida, said: "My advice to anyone is bring a good loving partner that loves your penis."

Suprised by her success, Soraya said: 'I never thought I'd be here today' but she is delighted

Soraya never expected the success of her ‘dictures’ and earlier this month she was able to exhibit her work at an international art fair. "Earlier this month I had the opportunity to exhibit my work in one of the biggest international art fairs in the world, Art Basel in Miami. "It was a huge opportunity for me to get my work in front of a much bigger audience and to really be part of the art world.

But she also has a selection of shirts and uniforms

"Two years ago, when I took my first d**k pic, I never thought I’d be here today,” she beamed. “Selling limited edition prints in Miami for $10,000 a piece and having a product line, it's surprising    and very delightful that people just like d**k on things.”

What is wrong with people? $10,000 for a pointless "limited Edition Prints" of dressed dicks. Just a willy in dolls cloths. Won't be surprised if someone comes up with same for women....Taking pics of Veejay and selling on "limited Edition Prints". Guess people will like p***y on things too. Yuk!

Wonder how many d**ks she will see in her life time doing this.