Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Shocking !!! Woman Text Walking Falls Into Canal and Drowns

In the footage, the woman wearing a white top can be seen on her cellphone as she walks by the side of a canal
Woman In White Top Busy On Phone Walking Along Canal

According to Central European News, A Chinese woman glued to her cell phone drowned when she slipped and fell into a canal. A surveillance video shows the moment the woman, 28, veers to the right and falls into the canal in Houyang village, Wenzhou. She struggles in the water, unable to swim, for about a minute before she sinks below the surface.

Unaware of the water beside her, she slips into the canal in Wenzhou, in the province of Zhejiang
She Veered To The Right,Slipped and Fell Into Canal

A man who identified himself as the victim’s husband said she was supposed to stay at a friend’s house that evening, according to Central European News.
He only found out about her death when authorities discovered her shoes floating the water. 

The woman, who was reportedly on the way to a friend's house, then falls into the water 
Woman Can Be Seen Falling Into Canal

Chinese authorities issued a warning to locals to take care when near canals, and to avoid being totally distracted by the phones while walking.

After struggling desperately in the water the woman - who could not swim - failed to emerge
She Struggled But Couldn't Swim and Failed To Emerge

Terrible and Horrific....Just within a second. This should enlighten people why it is not good to text and walk.