Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Surrogate Mother Who Has Had 15 Children And Given Away 13 Retires On Doctors' Orders

Carole Horlock, 49, from Colchester, Essex, has been forced to give up her surrogacy 'career' after 13 babies

Carole Horlock, who has been dubbed 'Britain's most prolific surrogate' has revealed how doctors have ordered her to stop having babies - after she gave birth to 15 children in 20 years. Mother of two who has a partner of 16 years says she loves having babies and is 'addicted to being pregnant'. 

The 49-Old Woman, from Essex has had 13 children as surrogate mother. For each pregnancy, she is paid expenses of between £7,000 and £15,000. She said having babies is 'addictive' and an 'incredibly exciting' journey. Now doctors have begged her to 'slow down' or risk her health.
 Now she has been forced to admit that she cannot get pregnant again without risking her health, admitting that while her partner and two daughters are relieved, it has been a 'sad time' for her.

Carole is pictured with her ninth baby in June, 2004

She told how after losing her 16th baby, she has now been advised to stop getting pregnant. 'Doctors said my body was telling me I couldn't have any more babies,' she told Closer magazine.

'I hoped I'd be able to give one last family a baby. But I've been forced to realise my body can't do it anymore. My age is against me.' She added that there was one positive side to ending her surrogate career, explaining: 'When you're trying to have a baby for a couple, it plays havoc with your sex life and you have to abstain. So the upside is I'm enjoying great sex again!'  

Carole holds the in final baby she gave birth to, her 13th surrogate

Carole, who lives in Colchester, Essex, with her partner of 16 years, Paul, has two daughters of her own, Steffanie, 24, and Megan, 21, and has given birth to 13 other children as a surrogate mother – including a set of twins and a set of triplets.