Thursday, 28 January 2016

Transgender Woman Got Funds From The Public To Achieve Her Dream Boob

Miss Kimberly is an A cup thanks to hormone therapy but wants to boost her size to a C cup

Michigan-born transgender, Miss Kimberly  has revealed how she achieved the figure she has always wanted after appealing to the public to pay for her to have a boob job. Kimberly, who now lives in London, appeared on the last night's episode of Channel 4's Bodyshockers to reveal how she used crowdfunding to pay for her cosmetic surgery.

The cabaret performer said she had an A cup thanks to hormone therapy after making the transition from being a man to a woman. She raised £2,400 towards her op using crowdfunding and by hosting a 'boobathlon' night at the cabaret club where she worked. 

She said her A cups are 'too small' so she would like to have them surgically enhanced

Proceeds from ticket entry went towards her cause as well as donations made into a bucket passed around on the evening. Explaining why having the surgery meant so much to her, she said: 'So much of my time is spent using push up bras with chicken fillets, it is all smoke and mirrors. When I take off the bra they are small, very small.

Her reason for enhancing her cleavage further is to boost her confidence and make her feel more feminine. However, as she couldn't afford to pay for the £3,000 breast augmentation herself, she decided to raise the money by asking for donations.

Miss Kimberly said she feels great now she has had a boob job
Kimberly feels great now since she had a boob job

She said: 'My teenage boobs are too small and I don't have the money to have a boob job so I am getting all my friends to help pay for them.' 'Having a boob job is going to make me feel more feminine and it is going to look better on stage.'

She added on why she chose to appeal for money to pay for it: 'Crowdfunding for boobs is growing in popularity. I haven't felt good about myself for a while and I would like to feel good about myself.'