Thursday, 7 January 2016

Watch Embarrassing Moment 'Amorous' Couple Get Caught In Steamy Car by Bogus Police Officers

The moment two jokers posing as police officers caught a couple in the car doing their thing.
The apparently lusty couple are seen on the back seat of a parked car when the pranksters pull up outside the steamy window and shout “Police! Shaggers! Police!”

The unidentified man filming on a camera phone then demands more than once: “Step out of the vehicle, please," reports the Liverpool Echo.
The man in the car moves to the drivers’ seat as the woman is told to remain inside the vehicle.
He winds down his window before getting out of the car while trying to pull up his jeans and protect his modesty.

He is then ordered to turn around and place his hands on the car roof, while the joker asks him to empty his pockets.The man is twice told to lift his shirt up before being ‘allowed’ to get inside the car. Before reversing away, the prankster tells him: “Get back in the vehicle.

“Let’s not have any more of that.”