Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Which Of These Hot Dogs Is Real and Which One Is A Drawing ?

Lee Howard / InstagramLee Howard / Instagram

AN ARTIST who draws pictures of everyday objects has uploaded a photo of a real hot dog next to a sketch of one and it's confusing everyone.
Howard Lee, from Aberystwyth, Wales, specialises in sketches of real life objects and his latest post has made it almost impossible to tell the difference.

Howard places the real hot dog next to his drawing and squirts ketchup and mustard on both.
Then in the clip, captioned, the "Hot Dog Challenge", he uses a big butcher's knife to reveal which is the real hot dog by slicing it in half.

Once the audience know the astounding truth, Howard shows them exactly how he's drawn the detailed hot dog picture.

I can't really see any difference between the two, both look same. Can you tell the difference?