Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Woman Shares Story On How Her New Friend Stole Her Look and Then Snatched Her Husband

In a living hell . . . Kim
Kim Sawyer

Kim Sawyer was happy and overjoyed to have a new friend at work.
She was flattered as pal Michelle Hendry started complimenting her on her looks.
Suddenly things soon started to take a sinister turn as Michelle dyed her hair blonde like Kim’s and began copying her taste in music and borrowing her outfits, so they seemed like twins.

Then, to her dismay, Kim found out that Michelle had also started sleeping with her husband, Jason, and was expecting his baby.
He has now split with Kim to be with Michelle.

Kim, 23, says: “I had thought Michelle was my friend. She changed her hair, her clothes, everything, to look like me. But then to steal my husband, too, was the worst betrayal possible.”

Kim first met fellow care home assistant Michelle, also 23, in the summer of 2013 when they were working together in their home town of Exmouth, Devon.

Bride and groom . . . Kim Sawyers and hubby Jason
Kim and Jason (Husband)

She says: “We’d hung out a few times then one night she phoned to ask how to dye her hair blonde, like mine. I invited her round to my home, to do her hair for her, and told Jason.
“I had been with Jason for nearly four years, married for two, and we were happy. The only downside was we’d been trying for several years for a baby, with no success. But we loved each other.”
Kim added: “As I did Michelle’s hair we got chatting and I was surprised how well we got on. In fact, we had a right giggle.

“She suggested we go on a night out and that weekend we did. She asked to borrow one of my dresses, too. When we stood side by side, she gasped and said we looked like twins. That night we turned heads, as everyone thought we were sisters.
“From then on, me and Michelle were thick as thieves. We loved nothing more than going out for a drink and a boogie.

“Michelle got on with Jason, too, and the three of us would often watch DVDs at hers. I couldn’t believe how much she had changed. She never used to like showing off her figure and liked to blend into the background, but now she borrowed my figure- hugging dresses.”
Kim even confided in Michelle about her struggle for a baby.

But while their friendship grew, Kim and Jason faltered.

Copycat . . . best buddy Michelle
Best Friend Michelle

She says: “He was picking fights and was distant. I told Michelle and even asked her if he could be having an affair. She said not to be stupid. She was my agony aunt.”
Feeling better about things, Kim went away for a few days with her mum.
While away, she tried calling Jason but couldn’t get an answer and tried Michelle but could not reach her.

Kim says: “I told Mum and she joked Michelle was probably sleeping with Jason. I just laughed. I thought the two of them would never betray me.
“When I got home, they each had reasons for not having answered my calls. But something was up with Jason and he started sleeping on the sofa. I asked what was wrong and he wouldn’t look me in the eye.

“I didn’t know what to do to save my marriage. I invited a load of his friends around for his birthday as a surprise. But he spent half the night outside with Michelle. I asked myself: ‘Could they be up to no good?’ But Michelle was as friendly as ever.”

That night, Jason slept on the sofa again, and left for work the next day without a word.
Kim later called to clear the air, but he told her he had fallen out of love with her.
She says: “I was shellshocked. Later that day he helped me pack my things and drove me the three hours to my mum’s house. It was awful. Neither of us spoke. Every mile felt like torture.”
After a night sobbing, Kim needed answers so called Jason.

She says: “I asked if he was sleeping with Michelle and he said yes, they were moving in together. I tried calling Michelle but she wouldn’t answer.

“I’d told her about the problems me and Jason had been having, but all the time it was her causing them. I went to pieces, sobbing, I was heartbroken.”

Back-stabbing bestie . . . Kim with new friend Michelle
Kim and Friend Michelle

Kim spent a glum Christmas 2013 with family then learned in the new year that Michelle was expecting Jason’s baby — after he posted scans on Facebook.
She says: “How could life be so cruel? It was too much.”
Kim has since met a new fella, Jamie, and recently gave birth to a little girl Skylah-Rai.
She says: “Life is perfect.”

But she added: “After learning I was expecting, Michelle sent a message saying: ‘Sorry, I was a s***** person to you. Congratulations to you and your partner.’ But I will never forgive the betrayal.”

When we contacted Michelle, she said of her and Jason: “We’re very happy, we’re getting married.”