Thursday, 21 January 2016

World's Most Wanted Man Found Working At Restaurant Just Yards From Police Station

Polish national Piotr Kupiec, 28, who is on the Interpol most wanted list, was arrested after an investigation into gangland killings, theft, violence and murder. He was found working at a British branch of Subway.
Piotr Kupiec, 28, was arrested after an investigation by Polish officers into gangland killings, theft and violence and the murder of a football fan . They tracked him down to the historic market town of Devizes, Wiltshire, and found he was employed at the sandwich shop, located just yards from Wiltshire Police headquarters.

He was arrested when police raided the fast food restaurant in front of shocked customers and colleagues last week. Kupiec was listed on the International Police Crime Organisation's (Interpol) list of most wanted criminals in connection with a murder investigation.

Reports in Krakow claim Kupiec was part of a gang in Krakow that has been busted by a major police operation called Infra Red. Members who weren't arrested allegedly escaped abroad - like Kupiec, who was found 1,100 miles from his home.

It is understood that he had worked at Subway for some time and was also a member of a local gym. Kupiec's colleagues and others who knew him were shocked by the allegations against him. One person who knew him said he was a 'friendly' man who was liked by everyone. He has now been taken into custody after officers executed an arrest warrant on behalf of Interpol.

Piotr Kupiec - one of Interpol's most wanted criminals - who was found working in Subway in Devizes

Wiltshire Police confirmed they arrested a Polish man in a raid at 7.50pm on January 13, 2016. They said he is now being dealt with by Interpol. Interpol publishes an online list of fugitive criminals wanted by police around the world. It currently contains 329 names. Staff at the store said they were not allowed to comment.

The arrest put the spotlight on the intelligence unit at Wiltshire police HQ, which is managed by Detective Inspector Matt Davey. He said his team deals with arrest warrants passed to them by the National Crime Agency when it is believed a wanted individual is living in Wiltshire.

He said: "This is clearly a good result for not just the intelligence team but the whole force."
He added that in 2015, the unit was sent details of 17 people with European Arrest Warrants against them and seven arrests were made.

Peter Kupiec has been on the run for eight years - since a warrant was issued for his arrest in August 2008. Locals believe Kupiec had lived in Devizes for at least four years and said he was a member of a local gym. A female employee at Route 2 Fitness sports club in Devizes, said: "We didn't really know him. None of us knew him very well.

Subway sandwich shop in Devizes

"He wasn't in very often. He wasn't a regular person. He would come in sometimes early in the mornings. He didn't speak very much. "He looks pretty much exactly the same as he does in the photos."

The woman, who has worked at the gym for four years, added: "I know he lived in Devizes but I'm not sure where. "I'm not sure how long he has been coming here but I've seen him come here every now and then since I started working here." Kupiec was wanted by Polish police in connection with an incident at a football match in September 2007.

Local reports say that after a game between Korona Kielce FC and Legia Warsaw FC in Kielce, Poland, fights broke out between hooligans in the crowd. He was wanted on suspicion of murder and attempted murder by the prosecutor's office, but disappeared shortly afterwards.

UK Police accidentally arrested the wrong Peter Kupiec in London in July last year.
He had the same year of birth as the suspected killer, but his month and day of birth were different.

Culled From : Mirror