Friday, 12 February 2016

American Psycho Killer Says He Is Happy In Jail And Never Wants To Be Released

A serial killer who was the inspiration for Christian Bale's character in American Psycho has told his lawyers he is happy to die behind bars. Edmund Kemper, who was dubbed the 'Co-Ed Killer', murdered his grandparents, six young female college students, as well as his own mother and her friend before eventually turning himself in. 

The 67-year-old murderer does not want to appear in front of a parole board next year who will decide whether he should be freed. His legal representative said: 'His feeling is that he — and this is his belief — no one’s ever going to let him out and he’s just happy, he’s just as happy going about his life in prison.' 

Kemper chopped up some of his victims and had sex with the corpses. According to the New York Post, Kemper murdered his grandparents aged 15 in August 1964. First, he shot his grandmother Maude Kemper in the head at her California home. When his grandfather arrived home later, he shot him as well. 

He was jailed for five years and was released to live with his mother Clarnell Strandberg Kemper. Reports suggest he hated his mother, who lived in Santa Clara, California. In May 1972, he picked up two Fresno State University Students, Mary Ann Pesce and Anita Luchessa and killed them. 

He brought them home, photographed them naked before dismembering them. He performed a sex act on their skulls. He later murdered Aiko Koo in September 1972 and then Cindy Schall.
A couple of weeks later he murdered Rosalind Thorpe and Alice Liu, had sex with their corpses and chopped them up. Then, he murdered his mother, cut off her head and used it as a dart board.

Kemper then lured his mother's best friend Sally Hallett around to the house where he strangled her and went on the run. When he rang police and told them what he had done, they did not initially believe him.  

He tried to claim he was insane during his trial, but he was found guilty in November 1973 of eight murders and was jailed for life, but with the possibility of parole.