Monday, 1 February 2016

Danielle Lloyd Reveals How She Nearly Died After 7th Breast Operation. ' My Boob Exploded'

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Model, Danielle Lloyd 32, underwent a procedure in 2012 after a breast implant exploded and was left fighting for her life after she lost six pints of blood. Now she's headed back to the surgeon to correct her boobs which have become misshapen from years of operations.

She recalled: "I had a massive blood clot in my chest and almost died. I lost six pints of blood. It was serious. "I'm not silly. I know the more surgery that I have, the more complications can occur, but hopefully there is something the surgeon can do."


The mother-of-three visited a consultant as part of Celebrity Botched Up Bodies on Channel 5 who advised her on what she should have done, after she admitted her breasts had damaged her confidence. In the episode, she revealed her self-esteem hit rock bottom as a result and was a factor in her divorce from football Jamie O'Hara in 2014.

She confessed: "I was absolutely devastated and I knew I wouldn't have any breasts. I just had sagging skin - it was disgusting. "It affected my marriage - I didn't feel confident, didn't like him seeing me naked."However, she admitted that going under the knife for the seventh time to give her more symmetrical cleavage had brought back her confidence.

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Jamie And Danielle Divorced

She said: "I couldn't believe the difference in my boobs afterwards - I was so emotional. "I've lived with a big 'shark bite' (scar) on the side and saggy breasts and nipples and it was hard to live with that but now I can look at them. "I am so much more confident... I don't have to care what people say anymore."

But recalling why she had surgery in the first place, she blamed it on her past as a beauty queen