Saturday, 13 February 2016

Embarrassing Moment ! Girl Pooed Herself In front Of Her Boyfriend's Mum


A GIRL pooed herself in front of her boyfriend’s mum – then got a tattoo to mark the occasion. Cordelle, said she had the unfortunate accident while sitting in her boyfriend’s kitchen on the morning after a heavy night. Then she had a tattoo which reads: "I thought it was a pump but it was a poo” – on her bum.


She said: “I pumped and I thought that was it, but I ended up pooing myself – in front of his mum. “I tried to walk away and pretend it didn’t happen but his mum was like ‘You’ve got poo round your bum’.” To add insult to injury, she was wearing her boyfriend’s shorts.

Cordelle cleaned herself up and then texted a mate telling her about the cringe-making moment. But later, on holiday with the same friend, she decided to get some artwork to remember it by. She said: “My friend showed the tattoo artist a screenshot of the text and said ‘she wants this’.

“It looks like a nice quote until you read it.” Not surprisingly, the boyfriend is now an ex – and Cordelle was reaching out to the Tattoo Fixers to get the inking covered.

Oh What a shame!