Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Female Clubber Pulls Down Her Underwear To Win Free Pint Of Beer

Video footage shows the woman pulling off her pants and shaking her naked bum bum in the air in order to win a free drink. Owners of the night club have been blasted for "degrading" a woman who was filmed pulling down her knickers to win a free pint of beer.
Mobile phone footage shows a group of girls dancing on stage, all gyrating and twerking while a male MC yells encouragement. But one woman then turns round with her back to the crowd and pulls down her pants. She then gets on all fours and wiggles her bum in the air.

Other girls taking part in the competition lift their skirts and show off their underwear . The video was taken at the Diversion Disco in the south Argentine city of Comodoro Rivadavia. The disco’s organisers, who caused a storm of controversy last year after a video emerged of clients having sex in the club’s toilets, said the idea of the pint competition was for the girls to show "as much skin as possible" in order to win the beer.

 They have been slammed by disgusted viewers after the amateur video appeared on social media. Sickened viewer Luis Teramo posted: "Look what people can do for a beer…..the owners have to be punished for degrading this woman."

Graciela Begnis added: "I can’t believe this." But others were unfazed. Agustina Etcheverry wrote: "I saw worse things happening in parties." And Fernando Aredes asked: "Did she win that beer?

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