Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Female Death Row Convict Gets Herself Pregnant With Inmate's Sperm To Avoid Execution

Death row convict Nguyen Thi Hue, 42, paid the male inmate at the mixed prison to twice leave his sperm in plastic bags so she could use it to get pregnant

A female death row convict Nguyen Thi Hue, 42  in Vietnam has paid a fellow inmate £1,600 for his semen - which she used to impregnate herself and avoid execution. Nguyen Thi Hue, 42, paid the male inmate at the mixed prison to twice leave his sperm in plastic bags at a mutually agreed hiding place in the jail.

She collected the bags and used a syringe to impregnate herself, thereby forcing authorities to commute her death sentence to one of life imprisonment. The 27-year-old male inmate, Nguyen Tuan Hung, allegedly gave her the bags in the Quang Ninh province jail sometime in August 2015.

Four guards at the northern Vietnam prison have now been suspended for negligence, the Thanh Nien newspaper reported. Nguyen - described as 'strangely seductive' - was arrested in 2012 for drug trafficking and sentenced to death in 2014. A court rejected her appeal the same year.

She is now expected to give birth in about two months. Under Vietnamese law, Nguyen will have her death sentence commuted to life imprisonment for having a child under 3 years of age.

Nguyen paid a male inmate at the mixed prison £1,600 to twice provide semen, which she used to inseminate herself. File image used

Nguyen was known as The Rose of Fire in prison after she and 28 other defendants were sentenced to death following their convictions for smuggling 32,000 cakes of heroin, according to the Vietnamese news reports.

It was reported that the prisoner already had a police record following her arrest at the age of 22, when she was then the mother of two, for heroin tracking. She had evaded arrested for six years but after her court appearance she was sentenced to 48 months in jail.

She was said by police to be not outstandingly beautiful, but had a sharp mind and was ‘strangely seductive.’ In time, she was said to have started a drug-running operation across the borders of various Vietnamese provinces.

Police records show that she found it easy to make money from her operations and from sex. In time, she became the Queen of an underground import and export drug operation. She later joined forces with a major drug baron and began buying and selling large amounts of narcotics after setting up channels with China.

Nguyen paid particular attention to her looks, spending ‘handfuls’ of money at beauty spas and hairdressers. She travelled in a luxury chauffeur-driven limousines from the proceeds of her drug operation - her favourite vehicle being a red Lexus.

It was because of the red colour of her car that she initially became known as Red Rose, before her fiery reputation earned her the new nickname of The Rose of Fire. She built up a collection of five expensive vehicles and spent a great deal of her time reclining on the beach.

When police finally moved in on her and her operation she and her 28 co-defendants were brought to court in June 2014 and sentenced to death. But the wily drug smuggler had a plan to avoid being hanged. She knew that pregnant women or those with a child under 36 months, could not, under Article 35 of the Criminal Code, be put to death, but would instead be incarcerated for life.

According to the news portal, Nguyen seized the opportunity when her shackles were removed to inject herself with a prisoner’s semen, squeezed from a plastic bag. It was crude - but it saved her life.