Monday, 1 February 2016

ISIS Mum Who Took Son To Syria Is Jailed For Six Years

Tareena Shakil has been sentenced to six years for joining ISIS

Tareena Shakil was found guilty of joining the extremist group and encouraging terrorism through social media on Friday. The 26-year-old posted photos of her 14-month-old son wearing an ISIS balaclava, which a judge described as "abhorrent", after being radicalised online in the space of just four months.
Shakil told her family she was headed to a beach holiday in Turkey and her divorced parents had no idea she was headed for the terror group's Syrian stronghold. She is thought to have used her student loan handout to fund her travel to the extremist hub.

Shakil has been sentenced to six years for joining ISIS and inciting extremism online

Sentencing the bright former college student, Judge Melbourne Inman said: "You embraced Isis, you sent messages on the day of your arrival in Syria that you were not coming back and by October 28 you were sending a message to your brother-in-law that it was part of your faith to kill the murtadeen (apostates) and on December 9 you told your father you wanted to die a martyr."

Shakil, who grew up embracing Western pop music and reality TV, is the first Brit woman to be convicted of being a member of ISIS. During her two-week trial she claimed she only travelled to Syria as she wished to live under Sharia law.   

Shakil in police interview after she returned to the UK

The jury were unconvinced after seeing tweets, messages and photographs calling on people to "take up arms" and voicing her desire to be a "martyr". It took the jury just 35 minutes to reach their unanimous guilty verdicts.