Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Mum Who Left Son At Home For Adult Work Is Found Dead In Another City

Jessica MCGraa

Sex worker, Jessica McGraa was found dead at a flat in Aberdeen, Scotland on Friday. It emerged today that the 36-year-old left her young son at her home in London to sell sex in the city on a two-day trip.
A close friend told the Scottish Sun: “I thought she was a dancer in clubs – I had no idea what was really going on. "But it doesn’t change my opinion of her.

“Jessica was an amazing woman and if that’s how she chose to make a living then that was her choice.” The mum charged up to £220-an-hour as she offered clients the “ultimate girlfriend experience” in cities across the UK, reports the Daily Record.

Jessica MCGraa

Nigeria-born Jessica also used aliases including ‘Ebony Bianca’ and ‘Kelly West’ on escorts sites such as Adult Work. She described herself as “classic, stylish, naughty, horny, sexy” and took bookings from men, women and couples. Topless photos on her profile page had her face blurred out.

She wrote: “My face is covered to protect myself as I’m ultra discreet. “I have a regular job and a private life. Do be polite when you call.” Her site also stated she made stops in Dundee, Edinburgh and Inverness. Her body was found two days after she last logged on to Adult Work. Her page stated she was “currently on tour” in Aberdeen for two days.

Jessica MCGraa

Jessica’s own social media sites showed that she was a devoted mum describing her son as “the love of my life”. And in one 2014 post, she wrote: “None of us will die unfulfilled. “We all shall make a formidable impact in this world.”

Last night, a relative in London said they were too upset to talk about her death. She said: “We know what has happened. You need to speak to the police. It is still very difficult for us.” A 25-year-old man has been charged in connection with Jessica’s death. He is expected to appear in Court today.