Saturday, 20 February 2016

Photo Series Celebrates Plus Size People ' Fat People Also Deserve Love '

 Powerful photos: Some couples chose to pose with their clothes on - but the images still make just as poignant a statement about their relationship

A New York city photographer is changing the perceptions of beauty-standards. She displays powerful series of unclad images depicting couples of varying sizes, persuasions and colors.
Substantia Jones aims to show that love has no specific shape or form, but can always be seen as beautiful.

Making a statement: The series captures couples of all races, genders and ages, and also depicts some LGBT pairings, such as this one

Not true: Substantia explained that their are people who believe 'fat people are unworthy of love' 

Her latest series of images, in honor of the recent Valentine's Day, features couples of different races, different sizes as well as LGBT people spending intimate moments together in varying states of undress.  More Pics