Thursday, 4 February 2016

Pizza Addicted Woman With Too Wide Hips Difficult To Pass Through Supermarket Door or Even Sit On A Car Seat

Fat Lady

A woman who weighs more than 285 kg (45 Stones) had to stop shopping after getting stuck in the double door of a supermarket. Dottie Perkins, mother of two - who admits a life-threatening addiction to pizza and junk food – also struggles to drive as she’s unable to fit her bottom onto the seat of her car.
Dottie Perkins ballooned to 45 stone after having two children

Dottie admits she turned to food to after feeling unloved by her parents as a child. She said. “It hurt a lot and food is what comforted me. At one point I was putting on a couple of pounds every week.”

Dottie Perkins

At 18, Dottie weighed 21 stone and she admits: “'I remember just eating and eating and eating so much. And I've just never been able to stop. “ The problem spiralled out of control after she son Daniel, now 12, was born with cerebral palsy and by the time she had second son Landon, a year ago, she had ballooned to 45 stone 7 lbs.

Fat Lady

She is struggles to walk the short distance to her car, which is fitted with a disability badge. When she manages to get in, she has to drive with her seat back and only half of her body sitting in the driver's seat.

Fat Lady

The Mississippi mum switched to salads but lost just 5lbs in two months after using whole bottle of dressing on each meal and sticking to Coke.After Daniel was taken to hospital Dottie relapsed and PUT ON a staggering 2st 7l in two months,

Fat Lady

Dr Nowaradan accused her of using her kids as an excuse and forced her to check into hospital in order to lose the weight. With medical help, Dottie lost over 5five stone and was finally approved for surgery.

Following a gastric sleeve op, she lost a further 5.4 stone in three months and after 12 months of filming she weighed in 37.1 stone having lost a total of 10 stone 6 lbs.