Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Sudanese Migrant Who Trekked 31 Miles Through Trainline To Reach UK Is Fed Up With Britain

Haroun has reportedly claimed he 'doesn't like it here' and says he 'would not have come' if he knew he would be arrested

A Sudanese migrant who walked 31 miles along the Channel Tunnel to seek asylum in Britain has said he is already "fed up" with Britain and "regrets" coming here. Abdul Rahman Haroun has been granted refugee status but faces up to two years in jail for his disruptive one-man trek through the trainline - which delayed travel for two hours.

He fled his war-torn home in fear of his life, and has reportedly claimed he did "nothing wrong" and has said he "would not have come" if he knew he was going to be arrested upon arrival.

Haroun has reportedly said he is 'fed up' with Britain after being arrested when he arrived

According to the Daily Star, Haroun has complained he is "fed up" as "no-one" likes him in Britain and says he has "done nothing wrong". MP Peter Bone replied: "That's the sort of message we want to get out. Perhaps his statement should be plastered up at the entrance to the Channel Tunnel."

Abdul Rahman Haroun trekked this channel
Abdul Rahman Haroun  trekked through this trainline

The management and operator of the Channel Tunnel, Eurotunnel issued a statement saying it was disappointed with the decision to postpone the prosecution of Mr Haroun now that he had been granted asylum.

A spokesman added: “He not only caused significant disruption to Eurotunnel and to the many freight and passenger customers travelling at the time, he also put his own life and that of others at risk by his actions.
“This decision will only act as an encouragement to other migrants to seek to gain illegal entry to the UK.”