Wednesday, 17 February 2016

This Simple Brainteaser Has Got People Scratching Their Head. Can You Solve It ?

Facebook fruit brainteaser has the internet arguing over the correct answer

The perplexing puzzle, based around a basic mathematical equation using a range of fruits, asks you to decipher which number each fruit symbolises, similar to algebra, then work out the total. But the apples, bananas and coconuts appear to be leaving adults completely flummoxed.

It is not clear where the puzzle originated from, but it has been circulating since December and has now resurfaced as Facebook users are still no closer to agreeing on an answer. The first sum shows that three apples added together amounts to 30, suggesting that one apple is equal to the number 10.

On the second line, it states that one apple (10) plus two bunches of bananas equals 18, which seems to imply that each bunch of bananas is equal to 4. The next line states that a bunch of bananas (equivalent to 4) minus a coconut equals 2- suggesting that a coconut is equivalent to the number 2.

On the final line, it asks you to guess the total of half a coconut (1), an apple (10) and a bunch of bananas (4). A quick glance at the puzzle might suggest the answer is 15, however people trying their hand online were coming up with a plethora of different answers.