Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Woman Who Had Tummy Tuck Wakes Up Post-Op To Find Body Part Missing

Woman wakes up from surgery without her belly button

A 45 year old  woman who went in for tummy tuck surgery was stunned when she woke up to find out that her belly button was missing. Lori Jones saved for years to be able to get rid of her 'baby pooch' which she had after caesarean section.

She wanted to "bring sexy back" by donning a two-piece, and the surgery was the only way to get body confident. But after she had an umbilical hernia removal and tummy tuck last December, she noticed something stranged.

Surgeon Dr Younan Nowzardan carried out a "perfect" surgery, Jones tells ABC7NY, but for weeks she didn't see any of the results. And she got a surprise when she did. "I said, 'Well damn. Wait where is my belly button?'" she asked.

Woman wakes up from surgery without her belly button

"I went in with the belly button and I'd like to know what you did with it? What happened to it? Did you throw it in the trash? Where is it?" Jones claims the doctor told her that the bellybutton would be re-positioned, but not that it would be completely removed.

For his part, he says: "We did tell her before and she had a previous surgery and she had a scar and there's no way you can save that area. "I told her that before surgery and after surgery."
Although Dr Nowzardan says he can create her a new belly button after a healing period of six months, she's currently seeking legal advice.