Saturday, 19 March 2016

87 Year Old Woman Doing A Complete Split Despite Been Previously Bed Bound By Stroke

87-year-old woman can jack her leg up a lampost

87 year-old woman who used to be bed bound and entirely dependent on her husband for care  - but not anymore, She has demonstrated her incredible flexibility. When most people who suffer stroke take things easy.

87-year-old woman can jack her leg up a lampost

Liu Xiuying, despite previously being struck down by the deadly brain condition. Having been bed-bound and entirely dependent on her husband, She took up karate as a way to aid her recovery and regain mobility. And it certainly worked.

Not only can the octogenarian perform a perfect splits but she can also jack her leg up against a lamp post - a trick not many people a quarter of her age would be able to do. Liu, from Hubei Province in central China, is completely independent once again and in her spare time likes cooking, growing vegetables and boxing, as well as learning martial arts.

87-year-old Chinese woman took up Kung Fu to recover from debilitating stroke

Her eyesight is just as good as her keeping in shape.  Liu can be seen threading a piece of thread through the eye of a needle without the need for glasses.