Saturday, 12 March 2016

Just Like Kim Kardashian, Mums Strips Off To Show What Different Bodies Look Like After Birth. '

Nothing to fear ... when you have a baby  you stop caring about trivial things
Project manager Laura, a mum of two, lives with her fiancé. Already mum to three-year-old Isaac, she gave birth to second son on May 31 last year.

Flaunt it ... Kyesha is proud of her curves and post-baby body
The 21-year old single mum from London, works as a retail assistant. She gave birth to her first child a month ago.

'My new shape is the new me' ... Shaide loves her new figure
The 18-year old full time mum gave birth to first child four months ago.

'Many mums don't feel confident' ... Clementine shares the saddening truth
31-year old Clementine, hospitality worker had her first child five months ago.

'I would prefer more 'real' images' ... Emily sounds off about the controversial snap
The 25-year-old business owner  has a five-month-old son.