Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Katie Price Admits She Would Have Aborted Her Son If She Had Known About Disabilities.

Katie Price and Harvey

Katie Price shares experience about her son's condition and how she would have aborted him  (Harvey) if she had known about his disabilities while pregnant.
The reality star's 13-year-old son is blind and has Prader–Willi syndrome and though she has learned to adapt to his condition, she confessed she is unlikely to have gone through with her pregnancy as a young woman if she had known.

She explained: "I was young when I had Harvey and I admit it, that if I knew he was blind before I had him, as harsh as it sounds, I probably would have aborted him, because to me it's like, 'Oh my God, it's blind, how would I cope?'. I know it sounds harsh."

Katie, now 37, was 23 when she fell pregnant with Harvey with then-boyfriend footballer Dwight Yorke, but insists she feels completely differently now. The former glamour model has five kids in total and claims being a mother has changed her perspective and she is now tempted to adopt a disabled child.

Speaking on Loose Women, she said: "But now it's like, oh my god no way. If I got pregnant again and they said, 'Your child's going to have disabilities,' or anything, I would definitely keep it.
"I would even adopt a child with disabilities. Until you're in that situation, you don't know." She continued: "I absolutely love Harvey so much. I would never change anything about him. Yes it's challenging, but it's also rewarding.

"He's a great character and I love him. I don't think anyone should be ashamed at all if they've got a child with disabilities." But her comments come just a week after she lashed out at Harvey's dad Dwight for not wanting to see him.

She posted a series of photos of their son on Instagram with emotionally-driven captions. She wrote: "Harvey so looks like Dwight Yorke here shame he doesn't want to see him. "He doesn't deserve to see Harvey. Harvey hasn't missed out on anything you have done a fabulous job without him xx