Thursday, 31 March 2016

Kim Jong-Un Declares China An Enemy And Threatens Nuclear War For Taking Part In UN Sanctions Against His Country

Kim Jong-un has threatened China with 'nuclear war' after declaring the country an 'enemy of North Korea .' He launched a scathing attack on Beijing for taking part in UN sanctions against his regime. Officials circulated a document dated March 10 which slams China for "betraying socialism" and threatens to clamp down on them with the force of "a nuclear storm."

It states: “We must no longer go easy on the Chinese and instead deal with them equally in order to change their attitude of taking us lightly." The report, which positioned China as 'the detested enemy' was published by the Workers’ Party of North Korea and picked up by South Korea-based news site Daily NK.

It adds: "All Party members and workers must join in soundly crushing China’s pressuring schemes with the force of a nuclear storm for its betrayal of socialism.” Lee Young Hwa, a professor at Kansai University, said North Korea has openly declared China to be an ‘enemy state,’ placing it on the same ranks as South Korea, the US, and Japan.

He said the document explains China has “been an eager participant” in the sanctions because it is “worried that its status of dominance in Northeast Asia will be challenged.” Lee added: “It has now positioned the US as the ‘feared enemy’ and China as the ‘detested enemy’. "The use of the term “nuclear storm” also indicates it is threatening Beijing with nuclear and missile provocations."