Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Man Divorces Wife After She Kicked Him In The Penis,Taunted Him For Being Overweight And Not Being Able To Satisfy Her In The Bedroom

An Indian man has divorced his wife after she kicked him in the penis and called him a "mota haathi" which translates to - a fat elephant . The woman also reportedly told her husband he was not able to satisfy her in bed because of his "heavy weight" and also slapped him and kicked his genitals.

Speaking in Delhi High Court, Justice Vipin Sanghi said: "It has come on record that she taunted the respondent for not being able to satiate her sexual desire on account of being a heavy weight. "It has also come on record that she not only slapped the respondent but asked him to leave the house."

Despite the accusation, The woman also threatened to set herself on fire and "implicate the respondent and his family in a dowry case." She then reportedly left their home with her jewellery and belongings, and told her husband to transfer his property in her name if he wanted her to remain a "devoted wife."

The Judge branded the incidents "grave" and "weighty" matrimonial offences. He said: "The calling of names and hurling of abuses such as 'Hathi', 'Mota Hathi' and 'Mota Elephant' by the appellant in respect of her husband - even if he was overweight, is bound to strike at his self-respect and self-esteem.

"Obviously, the respondent was sensitive to such taunts, and it is not the appellant's case that the taunts were made jokingly, or out of love and affection, and without malice."