Sunday, 6 March 2016

Man Sells His Rolex Watch On Ebay With Warning That It Might Be Cursed. Find Out Why?

There has been one £1,000 bid on the watch so far, but around 24 people have been watching the advert which has more than 800 views

Colin Brice, 38, has put his Rolex up for sale on eBay with an entertaining advert warning potential buyers about the bad luck he suffers whenever he places the 'evil instrument of horology' on his wrist.
The accountant  said within months of buying the timepiece he lost his BMW, his business and almost his life in a head-on collision which left him with serious injuries.

'I am offering for sale my stunning Rolex Date Watch,' he wrote on the eBay advert. 'Sadly however, in the interests of full disclosure, I must inform interested bidders that this watch may have broken a mirror by hitting it with a black cat. I am quite sure that it is cursed. 

'I hope that its curse ends with me and it brings its next owner nothing but smiles, happiness and marshmallows....but YOU HAVE BEEN PROPERLY WARNED.' Mr Brice initially bought the classic black-face watch for £1,500 in April last year - but was left unable to walk two months later after being involved in a car crash on A52 near Nottingham.

Colin Brice, 38, (shown) has put his Rolex up for sale on eBay with an advert warning buyers about the bad luck he suffers whenever he puts it on, pictured after a car crash

The father-of-six suffered a brain injury and shattered his hip and pelvis when the steering wheel pushed back into his leg. 'Really soon after buying the watch I had a car accident and I was wearing the watch at the time,'

He wrote on the advert: 'Within two months of purchasing this pretty, but evil, instrument of horology, I had been involved in a head on collision that left me with a shattered hip and pelvis, broken ankle, broken figure and a brain contusion, not to mention a 3-series BMW that measured only 2.5 series in length.

The accountant said within months of buying the timepiece he was left injured in a car crash which destroyed his BMW (pictured)

He also claimed that his lost his business shortly after this following a disagreement with two other shareholders. 'This watch has sat on the automatic winder ever since, in the space of 10 weeks it cost me my car, and my business and on three occasions came close to ending me.

The advert has more than 800 views and Mr Brice said that he is hoping to receive around £1,500 for his watch

'It also forced me to spend far more time in the company of Jermey Kyle and the crazy fella on Storage Hunters than any sane person should ever have to endure. Mr Brice said: 'I wasn't really a big believer in bad luck before this, but it just all seems too much to be a coincidence.

'I just wanted to make people laugh with this advert really. And I just hope that I get back roughly what I paid for it.'