Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Maria Sharapova Suspended From Role As UN Goodwill Ambassador

She previously worked with the UN on projects aimed at helping the survivors of the Chernobyl disaster

Maria Sharapova has been suspended from role as a goodwill ambassador of United Nation in addition to other lucrative endorsement contracts she has lost.

Just a week after her admission of failing a drugs test in January, she was suspended as a goodwill ambassador by the United Nations. The 28 year-old Russian was appointed to the position in 2007, but has been asked to step down until her case has been fully investigated and heard by an independent tribunal.

Maria Sharapova's relationship with the UN has been ended in accordance with article 28 of the 'Guidelines for the designation of Goodwill Ambassadors', which states...

The 28-year-old lived near the site of the disaster and Sharapova has set up a scholarship in the region

'The designation of a Goodwill Ambassador or Messenger of Peace shall be terminated if, in the view of the head of the relevant UN office, fund or programme, the designee is unable or unwilling to carry out the role envisaged in the terms of reference, if the Goodwill Ambassador or Messenger of Peace engages in any activity incompatible with his/her status or with the purposes and principles of the United Nations, or if the termination is in the interest of the organisation.'

“ In light of Ms Sharapova’s recent announcement, we last week suspended her role as a goodwill ambassador and any planned activities while the investigation continues”.

 UN spokesperson on decision to cut ties with Maria Sharapova