Thursday, 17 March 2016

Mum Mistakenly Sabotaged Condom While Advising Son To Play Safe In Bedroom When His Girl Friend Comes Around


This mum was so concerned about her son playing safe in the bedroom she left him an encouraging note ahead of his night with girlfriend Ashley, just in case they decide to play fight under cover.

She wrote: "Son, I know you have grown up now, and I’m proud of you. "When Ashley comes over tonight, if things get serious, make sure you’re safe! "Use this (Trojan condom)!

"P.S. Your dinner is in the fridge honey. Love Mom."A picture of the note, complete with said Trojan condom, was uploaded to Pinterest and shared on Facebook. But people were quick to 'pinpoint' exactly what was wrong with this mum's attempt to stop her son getting a girl pregnant.


It seems she unintentionally sabotaged his birth control by creating a hole  in the middle of the condom. By sticking a push pin through the middle of the condom.