Thursday, 24 March 2016

Obese Woman Who Has Been Bed Bound For A Decade Has Vowed To Shed Weight To Prevent Her Husband From Cheating Again.

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A  woman weighing 45 stones has vowed to slim down in a desperate attempt to stop her “sexually malnourished” husband having affairs. Lupe Samano, 39, started packing on weight when she was just a child, tipping the scales at 7st 1lb by the time she was just six.

Her weight has since soared to 45st 8lbs, while she has been unable to walk for the last decade. She met her husband Gilbert in a chat room eight years ago and is desperate to drop the pounds to ensure he doesn’t stray. “I get sexually frustrated and I slip,” he admitted.

However, when she made it home she discovered Gilbert had been cheating on her and flirting with women online. Lupe struggled to stick to her diet or leave her bed, but still managed to drop to 31st 3lbs. It meant she could have weight loss surgery, although once back in hospital her husband was again unfaithful.

fat woman

This sent her spiralling into depression, meaning she rarely left her bed – even though she hates being stuck in it. “My bed is my restroom, my place where place where I take a shower, where I do everything,” she said. “Words cannot explain how much I hate being in this bed and needing to be taken care of 24-seven because I can't do anything for myself.”

 “I was a little chunky but I was healthy and happy. I felt like I had a normal family and then everything changed,” she said of her childhood. “When I was five my dad left. I remember it to this day. He put us in the bath tub. “After three to four hours my sister got out and I waited in the bath tub eight hours then I noticed he wasn't coming back.

fat woman

“I felt like my dad abandoned me and broke my heart and that's when I remember starting to go to food to feel better. “I miss him so much I wanted him, I would just start eating and eating.”
She saw food as her only source of comfort, something which only became worse when she went to live with her grandmother aged eight following her mother’s imprisonment.

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“Then my grandma passed away, my whole world was falling apart, I started getting so big that I could do less and less and I had to drop out of school,” she admitted.

“After that all I did was eat and I mostly stayed home and kept gaining.” Now Gilbert has to care for his wife, rolling her over in bed and helping her use the toilet. At one point she is seen getting stuck in the bathroom when visiting the doctor, breaking the seat and causing a fire crew to be called.

The excess weight has impacted Lupe’s health, with her heart, kidneys, liver and legs all effected.
She also has diabetes and was hospitalised after falling into a coma a decade ago, after which she has never walked again.

fat woman

 “Because of my weight I'm diabetic...I've already got into a diabetic coma and there was so much fat around my neck it was suffocating me so they had to do a tracheotomy just so I could breathe while I was unconscious,” she said.

“They had to do a chin tuck right here and then put the trach[eotomy] in because even with the ventilator I still needed it. “It's been ten years since my coma and I haven't walked on my own since then. I walked into ER and I never walked out, it changed my entire life.”