Thursday, 10 March 2016

Police Seize Homeless Hoarder's Trash Train She Has Been Dragging Around The Street For Years

 Gonzalez -New York City Hoarder

New York City police have impounded a trash train hauled by a homeless woman hoarder throwing the  her possessions into a dump truck as she helplessly watched. The bulk of shopping carts that Sonia Gonzalez, 60, has been dragging around the city for years was deemed obstructive by city authorities. 

Gonzalez- New York City Hoarder

The massive collection of 20 grocery carts, 14 laundry carts, eight suitcases, two large crates and one dolly stretched an entire city block, and city officials said it got in the way of traffic and pedestrians. During the raid, Gonzalez was heard shouting at cops 'You aren’t listening you son of a b***h!', and at one point lay down on the ground in protest.

Her collection included bottles and cans, an air conditioner, shower curtain rods, a wire shelving unit, a Hannah Montana kids laundry hamper and a pair of New Balance sneakers. The Puerto Rican native was found moving her collection of junk north on Tenth Avenue from West 39th Street .

Gonzalez, right had been hauling her trash train through the city for years 

According to Daily Mail Online, Gonzalez said that locals call her 'Choo Choo' - because of her huge train-like procession of carts. She claimed that the police do not bother her, but sometimes members of the public do phone 911 to complain about her.

When asked why she had such a large number of carts and possessions, Gonzalez said it is so she can sell them and make some money. She mostly hangs out in Hell's Kitchen but is constantly on the move - always with her belongings in tow.

Sonia Gonzalez, 60,protest by sleeping on the ground as two NYPD officers

She secures the items to her carts with rope and plastic twine. Gonzales told the Post that people sometimes give her $5 or $10, which she says she takes 'to stop them feeling bad.'

But the hoarder has been criticized by nearby workers who have complained she is bringing down the tone of the neighborhood.'

Source: DailyMail